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PART 1 Everyone loves a good story, and the Bible is full of stories. In fact, over forty percent of the Old Testament would be classified as narrative, and the Gospels and Acts in the New Testament also generally fall into this category. One popular book on interpreting the Bible defines narrative this way: “Narratives are stories—purposeful stories retelling...more

“Should I Read Every Part of the Bible the Same Way?”

“Yes…No…and No.” Have you ever found yourself reading one part of the Bible, say Leviticus, and then another part, like the Gospels, and noticed how different they are? So, should you read every part of the Bible? I think the answer to that is “yes” because, I believe God has something for us to learn in all of it....more


Why do we need to study the theological foundations of the Christian faith? I can imagine protests coming from different camps. One group might claim that this is unnecessary because people in our churches already know and embrace these truths. Others will complain that theology is for professionals, not for everyday Christians. This perspective might say, “Don’t bother people...more

What is the Redemptive-Historical Context?

Followers of Jesus cannot read the Bible without understanding that he is the climax of the Bible’s Story and that the Old Testament points ahead to Jesus as the fulfillment of all the types and promises of Scripture. Jesus himself instructed us to read the Bible this way (see Luke 24:25-27; 44-48). WHAT IS THE STORYLINE OF THE BIBLE? ...more
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