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When I was growing up, there was a commercial with the following tag line: “Orange Juice. It’s not just for breakfast anymore.” The makers of this well-known beverage wanted to instill into the minds of consumers that their consumption of OJ should not be limited to the early part of the day.

When I came to faith as an adolescent, I understood the gospel, likewise, to have a limited application. The “gospel” was something you accepted and believed to become a Christian. Once you made this profession of faith, you moved on to something else, like church attendance, telling others about Jesus, reading your Bible, etc.

Years later, I am convinced by this truth: “The Gospel. It’s not just for unbelievers anymore.”

Yes, of course the gospel is Good News for all those who have not yet trusted in Christ. It is the hope of forgiveness, new life, reconciliation with God, and eternal life! It is the amazing and astounding truth that because of what Jesus has done for us (his life, death, resurrection, etc.), we can become children of God, not based on our righteousness, but according to His mercy! Hallelujah!

But this isn’t something that only applies once, like an entrance exam. Yes, we may be able to speak of a definitive time and event where we placed our faith in Christ. But we continue to apply the Good News of Jesus to ourselves everyday thereafter.

I’ve heard it said that we must preach the gospel to ourselves every day, because we forget it every day. Again, today, I feel that I am unworthy and distant from God. My guilt, or simply “unsaintliness,” makes my heart believe that God is not pleased with me and rejects me. So again, today, I remember the Good News that Jesus died for me, that he was raised for my salvation, that he loves me. I rehearse to myself that I am a beloved child of God.

Basically, I have a gospel conversation with myself.

A friend of mine once said that perhaps evangelism is not so much about telling other people how much they need Jesus, but how much you need Jesus.

I need Jesus for forgiveness. I need Jesus for strength to be the person he has called me to be. I need Jesus for purpose and hope and love and peace and a million other things.

Want to have a gospel conversation? Think about starting with yourself. Once you experience the peace and joy of telling yourself the Good News about Jesus, you may just want to share that same Good News with others.

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